Am I an impractical carpenter?

Impractical means 'not advisable to put into practice' while impracticable means 'not capable of being put into practice'; impractical or unpractical is something that can be done but isn't worth doing while impracticable means it can't be done at all which means there's hope for me after all.What I've learned through-out my years in this current lifetime is that I can choose what's unrealistic. Some call this reaching for the stars, while some call it..... To me this means taking a sows ear and turning it into a silk 'impractical as that may sound'.There have been projects set before me that to most......... in my position, would have walked away from...and this for me, is very hard to do. I too often feel more of the love than the pain.......... when I get the vision.I feel the dream deep inside...I envision it...inhale deeply, exhale, and step off the edge of the ledge as I so delicately put it. This is the point where I see the vision more clearly as I start weeding things out (so to speak). One picks their tools wisely for the vision at hand. Weeding requires much patience, as any good farmer will tell you. It takes dedication to the farm, to the land and to the air we breath. The soil can be worked when the rain clouds clear and then...the vision becomes more clear. We see the tools we need to make the vision a reality. We soon see if practicality is what embodies the mother of invention....or not. You can feel it, you can taste it and then you can see it. It transcends life.It then becomes a part of you. I think this is what separates a job from the craft. The word "just" is never a part of your vocabulary anymore. The vision becomes a part of your life style. It becomes a project that is a part of your life. It becomes your work. Your dharma if you will. It brings you strength. It empowers you. It feeds you. You're fertilizing the soils. You're growing the vision.There really is no project I find beneath me. Whatever it is I do, large project or small I do with an awareness..and the awareness is that it all adds up to the bigger picture. It's the foundation the eyes don't see that supports the monument within~

"Three photos are of the same property
as I brought the house and the
property into a transformation
I envisioned" <--You can see what I mean if you take a peek in the virtual tour of my Goose Hill Rd project. Many, many small projects create the bigger picture

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